Thursday, January 05, 2012

No resolutions

We took our tree down yesterday, a bit sad but then I always think it looks a bit odd after the new year. Just sitting there all proud and expectant. As we say in our house "What is point?" The Cable & Cotton lights look gorgeous in their new spot in the fireplace though. And I'm hoping Gus won't try to juggle with them every day.

Been loving all the lists around in the new year. I don't really do resolutions but Ben and I did have a 'chat' involving ours and the boys' wants and needs. Ben's good at focusing on achievable things so it was a very good 'chat'. I used to do a thing with my friends called the Theory of Achievement, when we were young in the 90s and into Hal Hartley films. It mainly included:

1. buy more bras
2. have a new hairstyle
3. do a pottery course

Apart from having a new hairstyle I can proudly announce that over the last 15 years I have achieved the other two. Medal please!


  1. I still don't have enough bras, maybe I can work on that this year x.

  2. Yep, obviously deserving ;)
    I was harangued today by my mother about our tree still being up. Hopefully the girls will play up and I can set the tree's dismantling as a punishment! :)
    (Such a bad mother!)
    Happy New Year Fran... no resolutions with me either. The ones I know I should say, well, I also know I'll never do it. So... What is point?
    :) Kx

  3. Thank you for the beautiful postcards -- I really love them.


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