Friday, February 24, 2012

Cultural Stereotypes

While I was working on my Lovesunday prints and sorting my words into two different lists I was thinking about what people are into, what goes with what, and 'types' of people. And it suddenly reminded me of Alison Porchnik. That scene in Annie Hall when Woody is chatting up a potential new flame and accidentally reduces her 'a cultural stereotype'.

What would you be? You have to do it really quickly, almost without thinking too much. I might be:
'North London liberal with the Portland ideals and the etsy art on the walls, and the husband with the glasses and the cold swimming fetish. Prematurely middle aged, partial to a thirtysomething rerun and falling asleep to the archers podcast every night.'

But I don't think that print would be very popular.

Or how about: 
'Into that whole black & white geometric thing, wearing a massive knitted bow in my hair, taking off centre photos with a vintage diana, checking for new instagram filters and wearing ironic sneakers.'

Have a lovely weekend all. x


  1. How about:
    'Brooklyn transplant with north London Guardian reading tendencies; armchair leftie feminist with a cat and literary aspirations and the Jewish architect husband with artisanal coffee maker and the glasses and the foreign films and the DVD boxsets and the Front Row podcasts and...',
    Ok I'm stopping now, as I can't handle how much of a cultural stereotype I am.
    Love Alison Porchnik and you, effster! x

  2. yowzers! you're a prime candidate bee. x

  3. He he, snap on the knitted bow (I like wearing it at the weekend to prove that it's definitely the weekend!) ;)

    The good thing about being a Scot is that unless I'm wearing tartan, eating shortbread and petting a Highland Terrier then I can get away without being a cultural stereotype ;) Well maybe...

  4. OMG I LOVE THIS! So sorry I missed it before but so happy I've found it now! Annie Hall is one of my favourite movies and that scene is a cracker :) Thanks Fran - you've made my day... 2nd time round today actually... your fabulous chevron cushion arrived and I love it. Have blogged... had to ;) Kx

    p.s. cultural stereotype...
    Backwater Brisbane daughter of ten-pound-Pom with heritage-envy, Guardian reader former socialist secret smoker with idealist tendencies while promoting handmade and living off husband selling high-end exclusive eyewear... ooh my, this is not pretty ;)


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