Friday, March 02, 2012

Elle deco collecting

I'm a big elle deco fan. But I don't have much time to enjoy it at the mo, so I do a lot of folding down pages to save for later, then my pile stacks up. I've just started a new pinterest board to collect some of the products I want to remember. I wish I could pin some of their beautiful spreads and houses, but they don't share much online. The closest I've found is the lovely blog Bright Bazaar. He scans and posts some of his favourite spreads, but not every edition. If you know of another online source please let me know, then I could just pin everything, and be braver about recycling my growing stack!

Below, styling their Singing the Blues spread for the March 12 edition.

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. I'm with you on this one! Still got copies from 2003 up on my shelf... I've stopped buying them now though, as they cost 11 pounds per issue here :-( When in the UK, though :-)

  2. love that! Saw some yummy pieces there and that home - phew! Blue eh, best get moving stuff around! ;-) Have a gorgeous weekend, lovely! xx


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