Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Envelop shake-up

I'm having a little shake-up of my envelop shop, something I have neglected for a little while. I've set an expiry date of some listings so they'll be coming to an end in a few weeks, and I have listed some new bits and bobs to try and make it more cohesive. So far I have listed a selection of Blocks & Boxes cushions.

My envelop shop is here. Or you can click on the textiles tab in the sidebar any time.


  1. oh ... my ... lord ... Those are GORGEOUS. Please don't sell out before I buy a couple. I already have a thousand cushions that suddenly seem like the dullest, dowdiest things I've ever seen but I very much covet these.

  2. They are WONDERFUL! So fabulous, Fran. You have such a prolific output. Good on you :) Kx

  3. I really don't need more cushions but these are going to the top of my wanties shopping list. LOVE them. x

  4. the look great ,I got couple of
    envelop cushions they are great

  5. oh my god these are just divine~ love them.
    thanks for popping in :)


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