Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New in - Lovesunday

Here is my new Lovesunday range. Four prints and a collection of brooches, with more to come. Here's the lowdown:

List no. 1 - This one's got a very English vibe going on.

List no. 2 - This one's a bit more me. Both these prints are a mix of the t'shirts I used to make and I've added a couple of new tags like 'collecting vintage whatnot' and 'making things up'

Here's List no. 3 designed for a child's room.

And so you don't have to choose, I made another list - List no. 4 which mixes all my lists up, plus lots of extras, and the colours are really lovely.

Then I've got some brooches. Ta-Dah! being my favourite but you can see all them over here...

and I've got 'I Like' brooch sets so you can choose your own 'like'.

I'm sure this collection will grow, I've got lots more words/phrases in mind.

Hope you like the new things. I'll be back soon when we'll be discussing 'cultural stereotypes'. Ta-ra!


  1. Loving the brooches! And I love the new 'lists' print no.4 lots of things to like x

  2. Yes! I've been waiting for this launch... they look great, so good x.

  3. Loving these! You are so clever Francesca!

  4. Oh these are fricking super! Love the prints... and the brooches, yup I may have to get some!! :)

  5. These are great! I love the Shhh brooch.


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