Monday, February 27, 2012

Scenes from a messy desk

New prints I was working on before I dropped everything for Geo Love

Something plastic I need to fix for the boys

Random paperclip / cotton / drawing pin receptacle made from old Moo minicard box

Crazy Gus photo

Pen pot containing mostly broken / unusable pens (does anyone else have one of these? Why don't I throw them away?!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I got a little break on Saturday. Well I say 'break', I worked but it was a break from the noisy boys, which I needed. Then Sunday we went to Bekonscot. Hadn't been since I was about 8 and it was still magical as ever.


  1. Nice new prints - fresh colours. My whole seems to be one big pot of unusable pens!x

  2. I like the look of the newbie there. Yes I seem to hoard odd pens/pencils that don’t work too. Dan also gets irritated by my blunt pencils pot. Every now and then he sharpens them all, so I rely on him for their welfare. Saying that, I don’t like like pencils too sharp. What’s that? You’ve fallen asleep?

  3. zzzzzzz..... kerry, can i hire dan to come over and sharpen my pencils? he really does look after you that boy.

  4. Sure you can - it’s the kind of thing he finds quite satisfying - the weirdo! Yes, he does look after me very well. I think I’m like some sort of pet to him with my funny ways. He’s a good’n, can’t complain! :)

  5. I so know what you mean about the pen pot. I had a rare office tidy this week and still have 3 pots of pencils and slightly dodgy brushes that I am never going to use. Why!

  6. Interesting new prints! Also interesting to see our desks have some similarities - I too have broken toys, waiting for some glue. And your keyboard... not saying anything more! ;-)


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