Monday, February 06, 2012

Snowy day

Morning! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We had thick snow here in London. Finally vindicated in buying us all snow boots last October. Ha! Told you so!

Here's Isi trying unlock the garden door desperate to get out in the snow, even in pjs and bare feet. And at the bottom, super proud boys with their Gruffalo snowman.


  1. Yeah! I remember when I guilted you into buying the boots! At last they have come into use! No snow here... boo! Our boots are just covered in mud! lou x

  2. How gorgeous! You lucky things! I bet the boys were jumping around in it like puppies :) Hope it stays just long enough to stay fun ;) Kx

  3. Aww, I was so disappointed that we didn't get snow up here... I have a sledge and everything! Gruffalo snowman sounds super cute :)

  4. Sigh!! Sweet shots, lovely snow... sigh! ; )


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