Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A thank you and some Fridge magnets!

Thanks for your comments on my Pinterest post on here and facebook. And special thanks if you've taken the time to go back and credit things you hadn't before, I really appreciate it. I hope I didn't sound sanctimonious, I'm sure I have a few uncredited pins floating around too. It seems people are feeling a bit down about it, especially after this post* that Jen mentioned, posted coincidentally the same day as mine. It's all very confusing but it seems all Pinterest have to do is add a compulsory box that you must fill with a credit before you can pin it. It might remove a bit of the joy I know, but it would protect people a bit better. Repinning would be as quick as before though as the credit would already be there. Anyway, I'm sure discussions will continue.


Swift subject change! Here are some fridge lists available in the shop!

School list

Hell Yeah! (remember my obsession?)

Shopping List

I Like list

Hope you like them. I'm going to try and get my geo garland prints photographed tomorrow, and then I can investigate Society 6, which I've been meaning to do for aaaaages! x 

*link doesn't seem to be working at the mo - probably too many concerned visitors!


  1. Love the fridge magnets! And i think your suggestion of a box on Pinterest where you give credit is perfect. They really need to sort this out asap as there is a lot of negative feeling out there at the moment. I know i want to keep pinning as i'm sure others do to! x

  2. BTW the link is now working again!

  3. Wooo... I'm still cross-eyed from reading that link about all the legals and heretofores and abovementioneds re Pinning... what a cuffuffle! Yours does seem the simplest solution of perfect sense, Fran. I hope they do change this.
    Your fridge magnets are FANTASTIC! Love the idea and the finished product is super cool... you're a clever one, Mrs :)

  4. Love the magnets! I’ve just deleted my Pinterest account, and my Flickr while I was at it. Don’t feel I really get anything from them anyway! More time for designing now :) xx

  5. Hi Francesca, I applaud you for your rant and couldn't agree more. When I saw it on Pinterest I set about checking through some of my pins and realized just how easy it is to pin without crediting properly. I was shocked how many times I'd inadvertently done it myself. I now have to go through my pins and check - not a bad way to spend some time. : )
    ps. Love the shopping list magnets - that looks like my poppets ideal list. : )


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