Friday, March 23, 2012

Artist Shout-Out - Stefania Manzi

Wow, hello Friday! How did we get here already? Thanks for all your comments on my bus-man-rant and mother's day pics :-) Feeling a bit flat this week. Had some opportunities to work and although I have things on the boil, I haven't been motivated. I suppose we all feel like that sometimes.

So here's someone who is doing some lovely work - Stefania Manzi.

I spotted this print on one of Lou's lovely treasuries and it was one of those 6am impulse purchases (I say that like you all buy things on etsy at 6am, when actually you are probably sleeping or looking after your children!). She only has a few things in her shop but they are all lovely. This one is Seasons. But I was also very tempted by Houses & Clouds.

Hope she will put more more in her shop - it's so nice to still find new people on etsy to get excited about.

Have a lovely weekend m'lovelies. x


  1. Oh that's just lovely. Off to check out her website. x

  2. It's lovely, and yes I also impulse buy online at odd times when I 'should' be asleep or playing with my kids - we have to treat ourselves sometimes! I love her work, and I like the fact that somewhere deep in the past we had a shared ancestor, cause I'm a Mansi which is a variation on Manzi. Love your animated shapes by the way! x

  3. gorgeous! i have also had a 'flat' week. must be something going on with the moon! xx

  4. Very lovely find :) and yes, I think we all find ourselves on etsy at strange times ;) Hope you're feeling better soon Fran. Kx

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes early morning impulse etsy purchases! I blame sleep deprivation....
    Lovely print : )

  6. Thanks for the link, her work is lovely! And now I'm tempted too...


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