Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Loveliness at the Tate Modern

Last Sunday we went to the Tate Modern, mainly to see the Yayoi Kusama Obliteration Room, where we could stick coloured dots all around a white room and collaborate in a piece of art. But also to do what we always do, which is run up and down the Turbine Hall shouting for an hour, and swoon at expensive books in the Tate shop. When I say 'we' I mean the boys the former, me and Ben the latter. Otherwise it would be silly.


  1. haha! Gorgeous :) I love those trees at the front of the Tate Modern. Fabulous that you have your rituals in the Turbine Hall too. We always take a photo of the girls lying on the ground doing a snow angels pose on the concrete ;) Actually, I should dig these out and see how they've grown over the years. These first pic was just after TM opened nearly 12 years ago now... the big girl was 3 and the little one a newborn.. she wasn't capable of doing the pose then obviously ;) My how time flies! These photos are heavenly for me - thanks Fran :) Kx

  2. Haha, the thought of you running through the hallway is hilarious! I have never visited the Tate, but would love to!

  3. Hi Francesca just to let you know your blog feature has run today on my blog, let everyone know

  4. Haven't been to the Tate in ages...a lot of book swooning happens when I go too! Thanks for you lovely comments on my patterns today!x

  5. Sigh!! How I miss London!! Love that last shot so much, takes me straight back. : )

    ps: Francesca, I have a link for you - a bookmarklet to help discover the source of images online.
    It works really well (some times you still have to do a bit of digging but mostly it's pretty quick)


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