Thursday, March 15, 2012

New colour around the house

Been a while since we changed anything around the house, I've added a bit of colour recently.

 I made some raindrops from my mobile art book.

I've had my eye on wall stickers by Enna for a long time. Finally decided to get some - we needed some colour in our hallway.

Two cards from Snap Studio from my trip to Bristol. Above by Clare Owen who also has a shop here (I'm hoping it's the same person!) and below by Lucie Sheridan, who you can find here.

Hope your week is full of colour. x


  1. I hadn't seen lucie's work before, I love it! the long dachsund is so clever! Thanks for sharing x

  2. So much lovely stuff and I spot a wee bit of Donna Wilson there! Jo xx

  3. Love the cute raindrops – and oooh a coral bike! :)

  4. Lovely pops of colour :) Kx

  5. Loving these spots of colour! x.

  6. beautiful. bright. cheerful.


  7. Love those raindrops - gorgeous mix of colours and stripes (I'm a bit crazy for black & white patterns paired with a splash of colour at the moment! So great!


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