Monday, March 05, 2012

New in - Geo Garland prints

Good Morning to you! It's Monday again. Always comes around, the little rascal! My Mondays aren't so bad - Ben is off and it's a work day for me so Gus is at nursery this morning and then Ben takes them both swimming in the afternoon. Kind of odd having most of the day to myself. But good.

Anyway, enough rambling...Three new prints popped into my shop over the weekend inspired by the garland and colour palette pins I posted about here. I took elements of my Geo Love illustration to create 3 separate prints.

Overlapping Circles
This one I pulled pretty much from Geo Love, I loved the colours together and the wonky hand drawn circles and didn't think it needed tweaking.

And One Circle
In no. 2 I brought different elements I thought worked from Geo Love and pulled them together. I brought in some diamonds and managed to get some of my lovely triangular envelope liners in there too. At first it was just the angular shapes but when I pulled the circle in it really made it. Sometimes you know very suddenly when something is finished. I like the mix of pastel and neon in this one too, the palette that inspired me in the first place.

Circle Garland

More wonky circles in this one, which is slightly adapted from Geo Love. I went through a few of my blue dotty envelope liners to find the right one (they may look the same at first but they are all different - the size and the spacing of the dots, how they have been printed etc.) When I was working on this one it reminded me of these lovely necklaces. She also likes wonky circles!

While I was photographing the prints I loved some of the close-up details, I thought the detail above would be lovely as a print in itself. So I'm playing with that idea too.

Hope you like them poppets! They are in the ole shoppe.
(I've got a bit slack with folksy and dawanda recently, must update them soon too.) x


  1. Love the new work, circles are a fave of mine! Monday is pretty sneaky it always creeps up! I read somewhere recently that the 'mon' part of monday translates in some language as 'mine' so monday roughly translates to my-day! neat huh?! x

  2. They are wonderful Fran! You have such an eye for composition :) Loving the close-up detail especially. Kx

  3. Love the first circle print. Hope you enjoyed your Monday to yourself.


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