Friday, March 16, 2012

A new print and another rant! Hoorah! I'm on a roll.

I had a row with a man on a bus today which ruined my day ;-( Gus was shouting as he does sometimes (he's 2) and this man basically told me to shut him up. So I told him to shut up. It was a bit longer than that with lots of back and forth - him telling me I should get off the bus, me telling him he should get off the bus, him telling me I should learn to control my child, me telling him his parents obviously couldn't control him. And so on. I gave as good as I got but I still can't shake it. Idiot.
Anyway, just had to let off steam - my mum friends at the school gate made me feel a bit better. It's all you need isn't it? As a mum of a two year old boy.

:-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-) happy!  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)

In other news (maybe I should've started with the positive story!) here's a new print. It came to me as I was dozing and I had to get it down straight away. I was saying the words in a rhythm like this: triangle, triangle, circle, triangle, rhombus, circle, square.

The colours are inspired by Pacers, do you remember those sweets? Green and white stripes. And who doesn't love a bit of Helvetica. (Most of my class rep duties so far involve changing last years letters home from Comic Sans to Helvetica. Self-induced of course. I simply won't be responsible for any letter typed in Comic Sans ;-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm having an afternoon with my lovely girlfriends tomorrow, where I shall be ranting till the cows come home ;-) xxx

p.s isn't this lovely? Maths inspired textiles from the 50s.


  1. Nice rant. I like a good rant.

    And yes, totally agree, there is NOTHING funny about comic sans!

  2. The print is fab!! love the green. What I don’t love its that mean, awful man. I would feel shaken about it too. Well done for speaking up to him. Outside of this comments box, I have of course used stronger language about the situation and expressed a wish to cause harm - but I’ll save that for when I see you - meaning when discussing what happened, not strong language and harm aimed at you!! Have a nice weekend xx

  3. Love, love your print. That green is amazing and am loving the rhythm of the words.
    Horrid, horrid man. I hate adults who behave worse than children - I would have had a go too, nasty git. Hope you can let him go and enjoy your weekend x

  4. thank you friends. i appreciate the camaraderie! x

  5. nothing like a good rant, well done lady. i had an argument recently with a guy in the park where g's nursery is where it clearly states dogs should be on leads. his wasn't anyway, huge row with him, at which point he said my kids should be on leads!!

  6. Oh Fran I'm so sorry to hear about that vile man, it can leave me shaky for ages having an encounter with someone so aggressive - well done for giving as good as you got! I normally say to them (I'm afraid it's pretty much always men) 'I bet your Mum would be really proud of you if she could see you now!' with a big, sweet smile on my face if I can manage it. But he obviously had a miserable childhood if he can't find any empathy within himself for a lovely noisy toddler.

    Anyway, enough about him! Love the print, and used to love Pacers! :)

  7. thanks rachel. that's a good one, i'll keep it in mind for next time!

    p - you know i'm getting more like you with age! x

  8. OMG! What a W**ker! Yes I used the W word. Stupid git. Well done for putting him in his place, what a complete arse! I hope you have vented know and fully relaxed, in other news.. love the print. Cool green. Have a great weekend hun. xx p.s I love that 2 of my school mum friends have commented here and also my blogging friends! Hi everyone! xx

  9. Mothers of 2yo (and 3yo) boys need lots of camaraderie I find.
    I'd have smiled and said "he's 2 and he's learning....what's your excuse?"

  10. What a grumpy old bastard! I can't believe he would say all those things to you. I'm glad you stood up for yourself, well done! LOVE that green. Kellie xx

  11. People can be so rude! Hope you were able to shake it off. And the new print is gorgeous!

  12. What a fabulous print! Love the green and the words are inspired :)
    I always grind my teeth for ages after having a random spat with rude unknowns. I think because it's so unexpected that I feel under attack and it eats away at me for days why they did it... going over what was said etc.
    Usually I find comfort in the thought that, more often than not, it's got absolutely nothing to do with me and that they were grumpy about something else and just looking for someone they could 'vent' on.
    Glad you had some sympathetic friends to workshop it ;) Have a lovely weekend Fran.

  13. I'm so impressed by your guts and wit! Well done for giving as good as you got (well, BETTER :-) I know if it had happened to me, I would be dumbstruck but would probably come up with lots of great replies in my head afterwards.

    Love the green and the helvetica too, btw.

  14. Ok, first, love the print!

    But second... oh my god! I can't believe that actually happened... good for you on standing your ground. what a stupid, rude man. I feel very angry for you!!!

  15. Oh, then start with the positive: what a super cool print! ;)
    And about the row: I can imagine that must have been so frustrating. Yikes, some people think children can and should be treated like circus animals... Well good for you you stood up for yourself! (I'm not sure if I would have done the same thing)


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