Friday, March 09, 2012

Offshoot products now on Society 6

Hello! Just popping in to mention I've got a few products for sale on Society 6 now. Mainly for my Offshoot line as people expressed an interest in Camera Girl t'shirts. (They look pretty funny on the men but I'm not allowed to choose just women!) 

If you don't know Society 6, it's a bit like Envelop where I sell my cushions -  except they pay you a bit more often. Ahem. 
You upload your artwork and they produce, sell and ship various products like t'shirts and iphone skins and you get a royalty on every sale. I've been on Envelop for over 2 years and they only pay you when your sales reach a certain amount of euros. I have tried to get them to change this rule but nothing's happened yet. I am teetering on the brink of a payment (only a euro or so to go, can't bare the excitement!) so if anyone fancies buying a cushion...just sayin! (Society 6 pay monthly by the way.)

Ouch. I slipped down the stairs this morning and have done something to my arm. I can still type, just ;-) Wishing you all a lovely weekend. I'll be back next week, hopefully not in a plaster cast. x


  1. Oh god, you alright? Do you want to cancel tomorrow? If you are in pain then maybe you should rest it? I hope your'e ok! ;) xxx

  2. I have bought from society 6 before, it's ace. I hope it makes you a millionaire ;) or at least pays you!

  3. we bought a cushion last week, so hopefully that might tip the scales in your favour! xx

  4. Hey just found you via Lou- I know where have I been. Love your blog and your amazing products. Look forward to reading more, Jo xx

  5. I want the iPhone skin polaroid design on a shirt!

  6. Hope your arm is okay? These are fantastic! You are a clever one :) Kx


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