Monday, March 26, 2012

Questions questions questions

Good morning! Charmaine over at littlenestbox tagged me the other day with a sunshine award. It's been ages since I've been tagged so I'm up for it. Nice simple questions too, just favourites.

Colour - Right now - still yellow. Although how I swooned at this gorgeous green collection on Emily's blog Good Things.

Animal - Ummm....(those who know me will be wondering what on earth I'm going to say ;-)...meercat?

Facebook or Twitter - I tried twitter, but it made me uncomfortable. It's too faceless. I much prefer facebook (sorry flo) as I have my little faceboodles over there. And instagram, visual twitter and not so faceless. I love connecting with my friends on instagram every day.

Giving or getting pressies - Both. Although I think (and I'm not just saying this, honest) it's more fun giving someone something I know they will love. I like sending people surprises in the post too.

Flower - I'm not very good at names of flowers. I like peonies and those lovely yellow pom pom ones and forsythia in the spring...yellow again.

Pattern - Something mid-century of course, Lucienne Day or Marian Mahler. I will definitely be going to the Designing Women exhibition.

Passion - Just working really. Working on something new. I would do it 24hrs if I could.

Number - 3 of course! It's magic.

Non Alcoholic drink - That ginger and lemongrass cordial we get sometimes.

 I won't tag anyone else as you've probably all done it by now.
 Right. Work...

Oh p.s! 12% off in Dawanda today as part of their Spring Fever Special.


  1. Love this... and yay for yellow! I got tagged twice recently, really need to get round to answering. I'm the opposite and like twitter more than facebook – but agree on the loving instagram (a new obsession of mine!)

  2. Great list Francesca. Loving yellow too and very jealous that I'm going to miss the Designing Women exhibition. Oh well... hopefully you will post on it..? :) Kx

    p.s. 3 is a magic number :)

  3. Very cool Francesca, I totally adore yellow too, especially this time of year.xx

  4. oh that exhibition looks great, will have to check that out! x


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