Monday, April 23, 2012

Bikes & Bunting - a few instagrams from the weekend

Discovered a groovy little mews a short bus ride away from me with two vintage shops and a little gallery. Very instagrammable. Last photo, the boys sitting like two old men, having a chat and eating frozen peas. Their cousins like frozen peas too, maybe it's a family thing.

***********starry starry night***********

I've been photographing my mugs this morning in average light. Will see what I can do with them and get them into the shop soon.  


  1. Mine are frozen pea fans too! Makes teatime rather easy.

  2. Frozen peas...well its one way to get them to eat their veg! Loving the red bike and wall painting on that shop! Can't wait to see the mugs!x

  3. Good find! Where is this?

  4. hi jo, this is muswell hill, north london.

  5. Lovely photos.... My boys love frozen sweetcorn!


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