Monday, April 02, 2012

Potty training hell / Mister Maker inspiration

We started potty training Gus on Saturday. Despite friends with two boys saying the second one is much easier and quicker, I am again in stepping-in-poo-smiling-through-gritted-teeth-trying-to-be-encouraging-while-actually-tearing-my-hair-out hell. Hard hard hard. I know it's only been 3 days but I'd forgotten quite how all-consuming and frustrating it is. Why did I leave it till the Easter hols? I should've done it during term time when at least two mornings a week it would be someone else's responsibility!

Anyway, Gus has been my inspiration recently, becoming obsessed with the shapes on Mister Maker (yes I'm not the only shape obsessive in the house). If you're in the UK and have little ones you probably know it too, it's tres groovy.

So I have a postcard set coming soon. I'll show you as soon as they come in.

In other news, here are some nice people with nice photos of my work in their homes.

Cheryl posted these photos on my facebook page - she's got a great colourful hallway. And here's Abacus going into a nursery on little pea green.

Back soon...wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with all the poop xx

  2. Ah, poo. Poo on the foot is no fun.... good luck! Kellie xx

  3. Good luck! My second boy is 15 months old, so I'm going to be in your position soon!

  4. ah you will look back and laugh one day... love your new cards xx

  5. Ah - potty time, I remember that. It took 'til Stanley was 4 and a half before we sorted it properly. I tried at 3 and gave in, he just wasn't ready. They all get it in the end. On another note - I love the flash cards. We are doing shapes this term, so it was fun to find these. Lovely work as usual! x


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