Monday, April 30, 2012

Rain / Sun

Man, when it rains it flippin pours. Two weeks! Two whole weeks! There's been a lot of Elefun. I'm wearing in my new sandals today before it starts to rain again at about 7pm according to the forecast.
If anyone can recommend any other fun indoor games suited to a 6 year old and an almost 3 year old (who likes to trash things) - please let me know. 

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. I've got lots to think about. Thanks for being honest and also so sweet about my shop name. x

p.s. a little giveaway on facebook today.


  1. Lovely giveaway and well re your name I like it- its cool to be a wee bit different. I never posted as I guess you will decide the best way to go. I don't have my own business so branding not my strong point. Great blog though, Jxx

  2. Indoor obstacle course is always fun, I do this a lot with my two in the summer holidays when it's grim.... set up a series of silly things to do - jump across cushions, put on silly hat, hop to sofa etc., time them, hand out the medals. Will kill about 30 minutes.

  3. Cute shoes :) No rain activity suggestions, sorry. Congrats on your 300! It was 305 actually when I visited... Lovely giveaway too - have decided I'm going to win and have sneakily liked and shared twice... so good having two fb identities! ;) Kx

  4. I love your sandals! Rain, not so much. It's getting really boring now.

  5. we've got elefun too! that game drives me crazy! pop up pirate is just as annoying {& the 3 yr old just ignores the rules!} the lego 'shave a sheep' game is good if you can turn a blind eye to the blatant cheating by the 3year old!

  6. We have the same rain issues here in Vancouver. It has been a miserable spring if you can call it spring at all!So I am with you.
    Can I leave a belated comment on the name of your shop? I hear your worries but I still love the name because it's so unique and I was drawn to it from the very first time I saw your blog/shop.But now I read the 'Miss Fran' in the comments and now I like that too.And just like everyone else here, whatever you do I love it all:)


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