Sunday, April 15, 2012

Recently on Instagram / last day of etsy sale

Back to school tomorrow. Seems like ages since I did the school run (and the potty training fiasco!), but it's only been two weeks. I must've needed the break...I think we all did. And we seem to have come out of the Easter hols unscathed (you never know how it'll turn out!). Been spending time at home making lots of popcorn, and time at our new favourite playground and cafe in Stokey. We've known the park for a long time but they've recently poshed up the cafe and the chocolate brownies are very good, if you're in the area :-)

Up at the top, me with my Society 6 ipod skin and in the middle, one of Kerry's prints.

Last day of my etsy sale today! Enter code 'woohoo15off' at checkout. Last night I had a dream that I mixed up all your orders. Hoping that's not true! x


  1. Pretty set of pictures!

    Looking forward to getting back in the school routine again, but will miss the lazy starts to the day...

  2. I do love the holidays and I think 2 weeks is a good amount of time if you know what I mean :) Great insta moments. I'm totally addicted to it! And thank you for your lovely comment last week - made my day :) x

  3. is that the cafe that the locals are really angry about, as it's gone all posh and they now have quinoa salads??

  4. yes probably p! it is a bit of a shame when they do that, it was a very family friendly bustling cafe and now it's a bit jzujzy. they still have cheap meals for children though, it's not all poached salmon on a bed of lentils ;-)

  5. Great photos :) Mine at back at school today too and it feels like we didn't even have a break I'm afraid - much too busy. I love a stay-at-home-pottering holiday the best. Glad you had fun. Kx

    p.s. maybe we can meet up at that cafe in September? My girls can keep your boys entertained and we can chat? ;)

  6. Mine are on holiday for another 10 days. I think I'm happy about that.


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