Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Semi Circles works in progress

I know, you are sick of me banging on about shapes. But there is still one I can't get out of my system. My favourite, the semi-circle. And when I have a moment, I keep going back to these designs. 

Above, my Moon Phases work in progress. It's half finished I would say. I've used the palette from my original 'bowls' pattern below, which I use for all my packaging (soft pinks, blues and greys). But I like the more hand-drawn nature of that design too so I think the Moon Phases still needs a bit of attention. 

Below, these semi circles started as vertical, rather than the horizontal 'bowl' shape. But they were begging to be turned...maybe just because they remind me of this. I need to play with the palette a bit I think.


Thanks to the lovely Helen Rawlinson for the mention on her blog yesterday. Check out the lovely garland she made with her son. She has ordered some of my postcards, and she's hoping they don't get chopped up too!

I also have a little interview on Random Nicole. Thanks chaps! x


  1. They look wonderful! Love circles and half ones too :) Kx

  2. p.s. just read your interview - very excited about the brooches, can't wait! :) Kx


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