Monday, May 14, 2012

Culture and cake

Hello everyone, how were your weekends? The sun finally came out in London, Hoorah! So we made the most of it, lots of garden fun and a great barbecue.

I had the loveliest morning out with Isi, my sister Polly and my niece Milly yesterday morning. We took them along to the British Design exhibition at The V&A, one of my very favourite London museums. Have you been? We used to be dragged there constantly - or it feels that way - by my art teacher at school, who was a tad obsessed with the Islamic ceramics. Now I think about it, I'm wondering if she used us as an excuse so she could get to go again. Hmm...Anyway, it's great exhibition, I loved the poster designs and interiors stuff, and Isi and Milly were entranced watching David Bowie videos! 

Of course, P and I don't go anywhere without stuffing a bit of cake in so we ordered some huuuuge slices and hung out in the sunshine. It's my favourite museum/gallery cafe (I've tested a few). 

 ^^^^^^^^^^^the alps^^^^^^^^^^^^^

You might notice a new label down there 'In 3 hours'. In September Gus will be at nursery for 3 hours every single morning so I'm going to have a new series here called In 3 Hours, when hopefully I'll have some inspirational ideas about what we can get up to in that time, and I'm hoping you'll all be able to help with that too, so we can inspire each other. It's going to be very strange being on the loose again, if only for 3 hours ;-)
More in the Autumn.


  1. Great pictures from your cultural weekend!
    Oh and I love the idea of 3 hours. x

  2. It is such a great museum and exhibition! And it is also pretty much the best cup of tea and slice of cake I have ever had in a gallery...and in those gorgeous surroundings, bliss...x

  3. was a LOVELY morning. think we should do it more often, especially as there are a few other cakes i need to test and one day i may even attempt one of those huge meringues!

  4. I love the V&A so much. I used to work in the National Art Library and my favourite place to be was in the extensive catacombs under the V&A where all the books are kept... *sigh* ... beautiful times :)
    Love the cafe there too. Happy photos. That's a fabulous idea about the 'in 3 hours'... so true! You'll probably fill it brilliantly because you're approaching it this way :) Kx

  5. One of my absolute favorite places in London! And the café... (I think we've talked about this before? ;-)

    Looks like I have to make it over there again before the exhibition ends in August...

    Oh, and love the sandals!

  6. Looks like such a lovely day (and the yellow sandals are so cute!) Ace 'keep tidy' poster/print too :)


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