Friday, May 11, 2012

Do you like having a snoop? I know I do.

Helloooooo Friday! Phew.
I'm over at Lou's blog little green shed today with a tour of my house. You may have seen it before (I know you have Alfred*) but if you haven't, you might want a snoop. I always loved snooping round people's houses as a child. We used to go round show houses on open days just to have a snoop. And I always think they give you an extra insight into the person who lives there.

 And you can also see where I get some of my inspiration from...

If you hop over to little green shed you'll see I've got a little green promotion on. Free shipping till Sunday on all my prints and cards from the etsy shop. When I say Sunday, it's actually till I remember to turn the coupon code off. So no specific time ;-) Just enter littlegreen at checkout. 

Have a smashing weekend. I'm off to the V&A to see this exhibition with my beautiful sis. xxx

*Alfred is my lovely father-in-law who reads my blog. He always surprises me when he says things like "I like your new chairs!" and I think, hold on, he hasn't been round recently, how has he seen our new chairs? We've also inherited a lot of lovely furniture from him so I should say hi. (I say 'inherited', but he is still very much with us.) Hi Alfred!


  1. I have that same green vase! It was from Habitat circa 1998 wasn't it? I think I had another tall skinny one in the same series that broke somewhere along my travels... sorry for random vase ramble ;) Envious of your exhibition outing. I saw a fabulous exhibition at GOMA today "Contemporary Australian Women Artists" and it was wonderful. Okay, I'm off to little green shed now :) Kx

  2. It is lovely Fran, Great to see some more. I have always loved your kitchen! Jo xx

  3. I am green with envy! Love your home :)

  4. Yes I'm with Andrea - super envious! Next time I come up to London to meet you I just wanna sit in your lounge ok? xx

  5. Gorgeous house Francesca! I love the yellow kitchen. And yes, it is quite clear where the inspiration for your brilliant work comes from!xx


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