Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Etsy packages / 'branding' news

I love getting an etsy package. So much more special than buying something from a regular shop ~ all the pretty little bits and bobs. This is my new bunting necklace from Lucie Ellen. Had my eye on it for a while. You like?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~making waves~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In other news, I really took on board everyone's comments when I asked advice about my name. Seems like most people really like Mrs Eliot Books and don't seem to mind or notice that my shop is pretty short on books at the moment! So I have started to imagine Mrs Eliot Books as a real life 'bricks and mortar' shop, and then it seems to make more sense. I updated my 'about me' over on the website and I think it really helps to differentiate between the shop and me. Hope you agree. x


  1. Lovely necklace! Glad all our comments helped with your identity crisis. x

  2. Great necklace. Love your updated 'About Me', I think it really clarifies things. And I'm so glad you kept the name - I for one am a big fan! x

  3. I love a package from etsy too, so much more personal than any other shops. I like packaging ym stuff in the same way too, its nice to add extra goodies! Glad you are keeping your name and that our comments helped x

  4. Gorgeous necklace and that's a really great "about" too. I love the idea of MEB as one of those lovely little stores filled with fab things :) Kx


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