Monday, May 21, 2012

Goldfinger. No, not that one...Well, kind of.

Erno Goldfinger was a straight-talking Modernist architect who is probably best known for the Trellick Tower. Unlike his contemporaries who were also using reinforced concrete but painting it white, Goldfinger preferred to showcase the raw materials; so a brick is a brick, concrete is concrete, wood is wood. He let the material speak for itself. I like that idea. And there is plenty of it in the house at 2 Willow Road.
There was also a wonderful art collection, with pieces by Bridget Riley, Max Ernst and Henry Moore, as well as some really interesting pieces by lesser-known artists of the era.

And Ian Fleming did name his Bond villain after him :-) 

The house was absolutely gorgeous. Can't tell you how many times I've walked past and wanted to go in (have you been Alfred?)*. But that's what I'm working towards - fitting more good things into my free hours, instead of just working or resting. Resting's good, I need it with two superheroes running rings round me, but I really feel the importance of stretching my mind and filling it with exciting things. And I did it in 3 hours (apart from the hot chocolate at the end with my friend Rosie ;-)

I would really recommend a tour round this house (if you like that kind of thing). And there is plenty more to see in Hampstead, including The Isokon Building, and Georgian splendor galore!

 Hope you all had a lovely weekend. x

* I'm talking to my father-in-law again. He would love it.


  1. looks fascinating, I'd love to go and have a look one day.

  2. It sounds great and looks big.
    Must try go there.

  3. Lovely, I'll have to save this one up. x

  4. It looks amazing - I’m definitely going to go (when Bertie isn’t present!). Glad you got to have a nice few hours x

  5. It looks fabulous. I take it they wouldn't let you take pics inside? Must add it to my London list for September but I think we only have 4 days this year because we're trying to organise a side trip to Berlin too when we come over. Also scheming to approach Xanthe for a family photo shoot while in London... maybe I'm looking to bite off more than we can sustain ;) *sigh* Loved these walking around Hampstead shots - thanks Fran :) Kx

    p.s. I love that you talk to your father-in-law mid text :)

  6. it's beautiful inside, very big, even though it's just the middle section. either side are two other private properties. i'd recommend the tour, as opposed to just a wander around. v interesting.

    kylie ~ no you couldn't take pics for copyright reasons. My friend did sneak a few but I was having trouble uploading them, and after the 4th attempt i thought i better listen to karma!
    you could do the house tour in the morning, have lunch, hop over the road to the heath for a shoot with xanthe, then i'll meet you all for tea afterwards. many birds - one stone! x


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