Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Banksy in town

Photo by Luke Giles

Looks like a new Banksy has arrived not too far from where I live. The image of a little boy sewing union jack bunting has appeared on the side of a Poundland shop in Wood Green and is thought to be a comment on both the Jubilee celebrations and the 7 year old boy who was found in an Indian sweatshop working 100 hours a week, sewing for Poundland. More here and a better view here.

I can't say I'm a massive fan of Banksy but I do love the idea of Guerrilla Art - how it pops up in the most random places. Get's you thinking. Makes you smile. Usually.

What about you? Or do you prefer your Guerrilla Art of the yarn bombing variety?


  1. this is timely ... we had a newsmaking day in melbourne with a tradie accidently popping a bit of plumbing works thru a banksy on one of our city buildings! the guerilla art threat! restoring to see his productivity continues ... it is a thought provoking image. that little boy looks so small. Hx

  2. It's a very thought provoking image. I was literally just reading n the paper that yesterday, some unawares builders built pipes straight through a little piece of banksy art in Melbourne. Such a shame. Kellie xx

  3. I walked past this today - I’m not a Banksy fan either, but I actually love this for what it is. And yes, I like the randomness of it too - I think I'd prefer to see this than yarn bombing. x

  4. I like both but I must admit I prefer guerilla art / graffiti when it's clever... tagging doesn't do it for me. Yes, the unexpectedness is great :) Kx


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