Friday, May 25, 2012

Paris vs New York

Hello Friday! Another amazingly hot day in Londres. I only just stopped wearing my scarf last week. Don't we do four seasons any more in this country? 

My pre-ordered Paris versus New York postcards arrived the other day. Here are some of my faves.

I am really in awe of designers who can say everything with just a few shapes. Albert Exergian also does that brilliantly. 

Have a beautiful weekend my lovelies. I might do this or I might just hang out in the sunshine with the fellas and do it another time. Hmmm....You're on the edge of your seats aren't you! x

N.B. There are 2 of each postcard in the set. And I got mine from Amazon. 


  1. These are brilliant. I'd love to see a London version of this. Enjoy the sunny weekend.

  2. Oops typing on my oh's iPad.who would name their child Michee.

  3. Wow, I bet those postcards are lovely real life. Such a clever project :)
    That exhibit looks fun, if you don't go this weekend, maybe we could go together? xxx

  4. Loving the Amelie vs Carrie card!x

  5. Oh wow, they look great as postcards. Do you think you'll send any or keep them? I always have trouble parting with pretty stationery!

    Emily x

  6. emily - luckily there are 2 of each kind in the box so you can send away to your heart's content! x

  7. Hi,

    i am probably a bit thick - but i can't find these Paris vs N.York cards in the shop via link... :(. Please help... :).

    Thank you xx

  8. hi viktorija. i actually ordered mine from amazon:

  9. oh wow, just saw these, they are awesome! x


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