Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The power of side projects and eccentric aunts

Good morning! An inspirational video to boost your midweek from the very talented (and extremely busy) Swiss Miss, aka designer Tina Roth Eisenberg. Here she talks about how her side projects like Tattly and Teux Deux quickly became a very real part of her working life, and about the importance of collaborating to keep ideas fresh and get inspired. Click image to watch.

If you haven't got time to watch all of it right now, here are the 8 things she wants to teach her kids. I think they're pretty perfect.

1. Find something you love and don't stop until you find it,  you know when you do.

2. Don't be a complainer. Make things better.

3. Trust your intuition. Your gut is always right.

4. If an opportunity scares you, take it. Being scared means you'll learn and grow.

5. Find like-minded people. Make sure they're a good and respectful bunch!

6. Collaborate. Only good will come of it.

7. Ignore haters. They deserve none of your time.

8. Inspire others. Be someone's crazy aunt.

Hope you get some inspiration from it this morning. x


  1. Wow. Just fabulous.
    Thanks for this. Kx

  2. Forgot to say... great to teach kids, yes!
    But I think I need this advice just as much ;)

  3. That is the perfect mainfesto! I was talking with a friend the other night about these exact things. I guess there's something about the long, summery nights that lends itself to thinking of the things that will warm you through the long winter.

    Emily x

  4. i hope isi & gus see me as their crazy aunt. i know my kids see you as theirs!! xx

  5. Awesome wise words...! I think I may just scribble a few of these on my memo board for a bit of inspiration! x

  6. That's a fricking amazing talk... just watched from start to finish, glued to screen! Love the don't be a moaner advice... amazing!

  7. Can't wait to watch this, I just know already this will hit the spot.
    This list needs to be printed out and stuck on the fridge. xxxxx
    p.s I love being a crazy aunt, gotta keep that job up.

  8. yes i'm pretty sure i'm already a nutty aunt. love it.

    glad it inspired you all. x

  9. This is incredible, I think I will copy out these 8 points and put them in a prominent place to remind me and my kids of the right things to do. Thanks for passing this on. x

  10. Absolutely Brilliant!! Thanks so much Francesca!

  11. Oh these are soo what I try to live by. I am always doing stuff that scares me and I am ignoring the haters. Thanks Fran.. you are the nutty aunt and I love ya for it! xxx


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