Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wes Anderson post

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom just opened the Cannes Film Festival and I think it looks wonderful. That familiar yellow filter, Bill Murray, precocious kids talking about love...the usual ;-)

I love Wes Anderson. Well, I mainly love the production design and art direction (occasionally the narrative is a tad plodding) but I was interested to see that he doesn't use the same team in every film, which means he has quite a vision. I'm such a sucker for American indie films, particularly about New York intellectuals for some reason. Must be a woody Allen thing.

Have you seen?

Gus was awake at 4.30 yesterday morning. I tried to bring him into bed with me but he finally dragged me out at 10 to 5. He wanted to watch Fantastic Mr Fox, which is too old for him but I didn't have the will to battle. And although I have seen it '60 hundred times'* it's absolutely beautiful.

Have a smashing weekend my lovelies. What are you up to? I'm hopefully going here. I shall report back on Monday!

*Isi's favourite number when he is exaggerating about something. i.e

Isi: You've asked me 60 hundred times!
Me: Well DO it then! 

And so on.


  1. Moonrise Kingdom is eagerly awaited hereabouts too :) My Mr wore his Fantastic Mr Fox suit today... that's what he calls it and he announced it to me this morning as he left for work in a very Mr Fox way... you know the whistle? ;) He has made the oeuvre of Wes Anderson the stuff we breathe in this household (have just scored Team Zissou Nikes for the Mr's birthday on eBay!) It is fun though and FMF is a wonderful movie. My favourite moment is when Mr Fox asks Mrs Fox right at the beginning to choose which way to go and then goes the way he wants anyway... I always turn my head for a significant look at the Mr when that happens... classic moment ;)

    p.s. I'm very jealous of your trip to 2 Willow Road. Have fun! Take loads of pics :)

  2. Kylie your mr sounds brilliant! I love that he's channeling mr fox, he's going to love those nikes!
    Hoping i'll be able to take pics at the goldfinger house, sometimes they are funny about that. x

  3. Don't we all love the early birds, I have one and occasional two in my home!
    Film looks great and Willow Road looks even better never heard of that place need to go soon. Enjoy.

  4. Yes, second children seem to only like stuff that is too old for them. Isla's favourite film is currently HP & the Chamber of Secrets. Mainly because she finds Dobby's little skinny legs hilarious. She's 4.


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