Sunday, June 17, 2012

The men in my life - Father's Day

It's Father's Day. So I want to tell you all about Ben and how he...

takes the boys out on a Saturday morning so I can have a break
practices silly faces in the loo at work to make me laugh later on that evening
arranges toys in odd situations to make them laugh in the morning
bakes good cakes
is much more patient than me
dives into icy water at any opportunity
dances with me in the kitchen - badly (both of us)
has 12 books on his bedside table* and 3 unread newspapers
fancies Kate Humble from Springwatch
puts on Ben Folds 5 just to see how quickly it takes me to cry
is a bit (ahem**) anal about how to stack the dishwasher
introduces me to new and eclectic music which I mostly like, apart from that Swedish woman who warbles
helps me calm down when I've had it up to here ^
loves reading with Isi and chatting with him as he's drifting off to sleep
has 3 bikes and needs*** 3 more
is always looking for new recipes to try
always says 'be good to mummy' when he goes off to work


And then there's my Papa who...

is one of the silliest people in the world, ever
teaches my children to do naughty things
used to embarrass us on the tube by singing really loudly or swinging from the handles
brings us homemade tortilla and tomato sauce and Parmesan
taught me to play fight like a professional
is patient and energetic with the boys, even though his back hurts sometimes


Not forgetting Ben's dad Alfred who...

has a wealth of family stories, even if he does repeat each one 15 times
brings us bagels and pickles whenever he's been to the East End
tries to fob us off with random bits of office equipment we don't want
has successfully fobbed us off with some very lovely mid-century furniture we DID want
is a lovely, generous, funny dad and grandpa.

Wow. Me and the fellas are so lucky to have these 3 fruitcakes in our lives. Happy Father's Day to you and to all you blog widowers out there. x

*the floor
***he'll have to move out first


  1. Gorgeous post Fran. Lovely men indeed. X

  2. My husband also fancies Kate Humble and restacks the dishwasher, do you think they are all like this? I have just shown him this and now he is complaining that I dont write lovely posts about him, so I may have to (when he has fixed my computer!) v x

  3. Gorgeous post Fran. It's making me think about what I love most about the men in my life! x

  4. Ah, what a lovely post Fran!! Aren't we lucky to have such great men in our lives - even the repetitive father-in laws (I've got one of those too)! Hope you had a nice day yesterday with tree and shed. xx

  5. Happy father's day to your men. They all look like true charachters. The first photo is precious :) xxx

  6. My husband also fancies Kate Humble and restocks the dishwasher - do you think they are all like that? I showed him this and now he is complaining that I don't write nice posts about him, so I may have to (when he has fixed my computer!) v x
    p.s. sorry if this is sent twice, having problems with the computer

  7. lovely lady, i have tears...

  8. They sound like an awesome bunch of men! Happy Fathers Day guys. (I think ours is in September.) Kellie xx

  9. What a sweet sweet post Fransesca! Enjoy yourselves today!

  10. Gorgeous post Fran :) You are a lucky gal. Kx

  11. beautiful post - what amazing lads you have in your life! xx

  12. Love this! I wanna do the same now for mine. Was lovely to see you and Kerry today... big hugs to you...& big dreams/plans xxxx

  13. I love this post (as you already know)! I got Dan to read it and he agreed about the similarities! Funny! Hope you get a good night’s sleep xx

  14. Ooo, I love this post. It made me laugh..(arranging toys in odd situations/singing in the tube... that's hysterical :D) what great men in your life, and so cool to share their 'guilty pleasures' here!

  15. Aw that is so so sweet!
    Sadly both our dads aren't in this world any more and I used to feel quite sad on father's day, but since Stanley came along we can celebrate Dad's again (my man who has no talent with the dishwasher but is happy to complain about my stacking just a bit too often for my liking!) - so our wander around the Serpentine yesterday was a special dad day family outing. We've also got our lovely next door neighbour who is definitely Grandad material for Stanley so it's we're not so bereft after all!
    A very special read. x

  16. That is so lovely!! It's so easy - I find - to forget the things that make the people in our lives so special - thanks for reminding me that the man in my life is very special too :-)

  17. Eff, just beautiful, funny and v v touching xx

  18. Heather Moore6/25/2012 7:40 AM

    Gorgeous post. Brought a tear to my eye. xx

  19. Fu, you are one lucky lady to have these 3 wonderful 'dads' in your life and they are pretty darn lucky to have lovely you (especially when you write these sweet blogs about them)!
    Yes I have tears


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