Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On a mission -Tootsa MacGinty / Pink Stinks

Discovered via twitter - Tootsa MacGinty, making gorgeous gender-neutral clothes for kids. Thank goodness someone's doing it! There are some great European children's brands but over here, don't you get so sick of the gender divide? Petals for girls, trucks for boys. YAAAWWWN!

Images from their SS12 lookbook

I remember being so dumbfounded when elc started selling pink versions of their toys. 
Pink Stinks targets companies that 'prescribe heavily stereotyped and limiting roles to young girls'. They're on on a mission. Check out the video on their home page. Miss Bimbo? What the what?!
It's not about not letting your little girl love pink, it's about marketing. You can still love pink and join their cause ;-)


  1. I must admit when searching online for Bella I look in the boys section first. I can only tolerate a certain amount of frills and pink. For some reason I don't mind as much if it is vintage. Thanks for the link :)

  2. Such a great idea and I love that Pink Stinks website too! Neither of my girls have been pink girls... In fact I do remember my youngest's first full sentence was 'Mummy I don't like pink!" :) Kx

  3. in my experience girls will NEVER wear what you want them to! v x

  4. Agree with Virginia. Nelly had loads of neutral clothes (stripy boden) handed on to her from her cousins: WOULD NOT WEAR THEM. Now Isla has all Nelly's pink & girly hand me downs: WILL NOT WEAR THEM. She likes stripy boy clothes.

    They do it to spite me.

  5. Love both these links, can't quite believe how gendered toys and kids clothes have become since the 70s, when I'm sure we all just lived in denim dungarees, with the odd flowery party dress - I loved pink as a girl but only because my mum didn't want me wearing too much of it! So horrified by pink lego - LEGO!! wrong wrong wrong x


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