Monday, June 25, 2012

The weekend: Taste, Grayson Perry and some serious over-propping

Our weekend holiday house in Sussex really tied in with my Are you over-propped? post from Wednesday and the Grayson Perry docs about class tribes and taste I know some of you have been enjoying. In fact I was watching it on 4OD while I snapped some photos from around the house.
We arrived in the dark on Friday night so it wasn't till the morning that I noticed how fully propped this place was with what I call 'Rustic Beach House Chic'. So I played an instagram game, asking people to guess certain items and yes, there was a row of pebbles, a driftwood sculpture, a random shell object, and blue & white stripes aplenty.

As I was doing it, I started to feel a little bit uneasy; I hoped if the owner ever saw it, she wouldn't be offended, and see it as a bit of fun. It was such a lovely cosy house, and it is surely the law to decorate your beach house like this isn't it? I think if I had a beach house (one can dream), though shabby chic is not at all my taste, I might be compelled to buy some kind of large driftwood fish too!

Lovely to get away, just us. Sunny (thanks for your wishes) but bloody windy! 
Hope you all had lovely weekends.


  1. You're right, it's not nice to laugh but I'm sorry I did have a giggle ;) You have a point, though, I often feel that I'm not actually at the beach when I go to my sister's beach house because it doesn't have those 'signposts' (for want of a better word) of 'YOU ARE AT THE BEACH'... Funny really. It'd make a good subject for semiotic analysis! Lovely photos - glad you had some sun. Kx

  2. My beach house would probably be the same... I loved playing the IG game, it was all played in the spirit of good fun.
    Gosh! I need to see the sea, miss it BIG time xxx

  3. Lovely pictures! I can't wait for our little getaway. I miss the ocean.

  4. Oh so that's what it was all about. I was totally confused. Ah nice to get away... re-charge. xxx

  5. Oh no, just read your post-weekend Instagram fear! It was lots of fun and I don't think there was any nastiness - we could have done the same with any type of holiday accommodation - Scottish Castle, rustic barn, boutique hotel, campsite. Lovely pictures and it totally made me smile during a difficult weekend so BIG thanks from me!


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