Friday, June 29, 2012

Wip / Website fiddling

My Paperchain women have been commandeered for a special project I'm working on so I started a new one with kids. There's more to add, but it will be a custom name print, plus birthday card or invites I think.


I put a little gif on my website home page. Thought it might be a good way to show a lot of work in one go, without having to click through to the gallery straight way. I'm constantly fiddling. I also uploaded all my prints. Thank goodness for photoshop 'actions', otherwise it would've taken 75 years.

Wishing you all a superduper weekend. My fabulous friend Bee is visiting from Brooklyn. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm excited. x


  1. I love your prints, so different and fresh! Super duper weekend back at you xx

  2. I love a GIF! this is a great way to showcase :)

  3. Love your GIF and your lovely kids drawing, invites are a great idea! Have a wonderful weekend. x

  4. Just found out about your blog! Gosh, it really is very inspiring, had to follow you. :P If you like you're very welcome to take a look on my blog via . Enjoy your weekend. **Chantal from The Netherlands**

  5. They look great Fran. Hope you had a fab weekend. Kx


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