Monday, July 23, 2012

Bauhaus at the Barbican

Ooh Barbican you gorgeous beast! I know you well, but it's been a while, so I saw you with fresh eyes. 

I made it to the Bauhaus exhibition (Woo!) which was brilliant - if you like that kind of thing. It made me want to make experimental films and throw a party where you can only where metal or polka dots!

Seeing works by artists like Kandinsky and Klee close up always blows my mind. You could lean right in and see brush strokes and draft pencil marks. I also loved seeing Anni Albers' and Gunta Stölzl's stunning textiles, only seen in pictures before, and the type room was gorgeous. Josef Albers' original milk glass layout for his typeface, made from 10 simple shapes. So exciting.

It's on till August 12th, but you can mooch round the Barbican any old time. The boys loved scooting round the grounds outside the cafe and trying not to (or sometimes I think trying to) fall in the pond.


  1. Oh wow... this is so up my alley.
    Can't believe it finishes before I get over your way :(
    Those textiles just took my breath away - thanks so much for showing them.
    Love the Barbican :)

    p.s. great photos!

  2. Reallllly want to see this before it goes. Will have to get there sharpish - can't believe we're nearly in August already... Yikes.

  3. Oh great, I just drooled into my keyboard!! Curse being on the butt of the world. ; )
    ps. Looove the idea of a polkadot party - Oh yeah!
    Alisa x

  4. kylie and alisa - i thought of you both while i was there.
    lottie - i know it's a squeeze. i'm always visiting last minute!

  5. Sounds like an exhibition I would definitely be visiting (if I was any closer)! And lovely pics of the Barbican! x /maria

  6. Great shots here - some of your best yet me thinks. Glad you enjoyed a bit of Bauhaus :) x

  7. Sounds brilliant! Can I come to the party? I want to have a reason to buy a polka dot dress...!(blue with yellow dots I think)

  8. great post on textures too, this.


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