Friday, July 13, 2012

Moss Graffiti / Anna Garforth

Have you heard of Moss Graffiti? I came across a recipe while peeking at one of my pinterest follower's boards so I investigated.
Among a few images I found Anna Garforth, an environmental artist who experiments with different materials to create amazing typeography installations - including moss.

Grow is a piece of guerilla art on a disuded London plot.
This is part of a poem which is dotted around London in 4 different part.
Commission for N.Power

She has lots of other inspiring work on her website. I like Play More, an installation made entirely from tape and her gorgeous Edible Poster.

>More Moss Graffiti from
>And here's the recipe that first caught my eye on Pinterest. Would love to try it on our back fence!

>Photos by Anna Garforth

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Now, how cool is that? Wow! (I'm sorry by the way that I scared you with our black childsized gnome, hahaha ;-))

  2. Awesome concept!
    Happy weekend Francesca:)

  3. Wow oh wow!! What a fabulous amazing find.
    Prob not suitable for the sizzling climate Brisbane has most of the year but I really love this - thanks for posting about it Fran :) Kx

  4. That is one of the coolest things I've seen! Would love to see more .....

  5. What an original idea! Her other works are very nice too but the growing graphite has me amazed!


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