Monday, July 16, 2012

New in ~ Paperchain cards, prints & invites

Good morning! Another gorgeous damp, drizzly Monday in our jet-stream bothered country!
Anyway...I've been a busy bee this weekend - is everyone else frantically trying to finish projects off before the holidays? This is Gus's last morning at nursery...aggghhhh!

New in this week are my Paperchain goodies. When I started this illustration, it looked a bit different to this one. That's because I decided to use my first group of ladies for a special project I'm working on - an interview series - but more of that another time. 
So I re-designed to make them more childlike an added some boys. Of course we need boys! So here's a group of fun kooky kids, in masks and whiskers and groovy threads!

There are two custom name prints (landscape and portrait), party invites, and custom name cards. You can also leave the welcome text off and just have the name if you like - up to you. All in the shop today.

Hope you like them. I really loved designing their outfits and hairstyles and little personalities, I'm sure I'll be doing lots more little people. x


  1. So much fun! They are gorgeous Fran :) Kx

  2. I love the little outfits and the party invites are great! x

  3. They are delightful Francesca!

  4. Loving the textures. They look fab, you clever clogs you! : )

  5. Gorgeous, love the silhouettes on the backs. It's my girl's last day at Meithrin (Welsh nursery) today... please stop raining, please stop raining...

  6. These are gorgeous!
    I have been just looking through your shop and I have to say my eye is firmly on the the vintage wooden spool print...I've just moved into a new studio and I think I'll have to treat myself to a little 'studio-warming' present once I settle in.
    It's perfect. You are very clever xx

  7. thanks all! glad you like them. x


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