Friday, July 20, 2012

School's out!

School's out for summer. What a strange combination of feelings - ecstatic that I don't have to do the school run for six weeks, trepidation at the thought of breaking up fights all the time. And a bit of sadness about another year being over - boys one year older. Gulp!

I might be here a teeny bit less over the next six weeks but I'll still be around. And stay tuned for your August lists (two or three to choose from next month to keep it fresh). 

And now enjoy a bit of this...

Ta-ta. x


  1. Ooh this has made my day! Just had a jolly good sing and dance at my desk! Why didn't we ever have a funfair to celebrate the end of school? that would have been amazing!x

  2. Have sudden urge to perm my hair and put on tight leather pants!
    If only this was how my day had finished - instead I picked up hysterical child as he had lost some of his Lego during 'Toy Day'. x

  3. Kids vacations, mixed feeligns:)Can they be a vacation for moms too?Lol...Wishing you great fun and some real rest:)Will you be watching any of the games?

  4. Hope you have a great holiday! We've got London friends arriving this week - they're escaping the Games I think ;) Hope you have some fun things planned but sometimes just hanging out at home can be the best holiday. Kx

  5. I share all those sentiments, plus your love of Danny and Sandy :)


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