Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Creating Time Capsules with Xanthe Berkeley

You know me ole mucker Xanthe B takes not only gorgeous photos but my favourites are her time capsule films. Even if you don't know her or her family, I defy you not to feel a little emotional when you watch these little films. Because they are moments, little tiny moments captured that will soon be gone. And for a parent, even with all the trials the children put you through, that's pretty hard to think about, and therefore so special to keep hold of. I loved putting my little Swing film together - hope to make more.

Here's one of my faves of Xanthe's, I may have posted it before, but it's worthy of a double post!

Xanthe is launching her Creating Time Capsules e-course once again. She can teach you how to make little time capsules of your own or, if you like, she can come over to your place, and live your life for one day, capturing all your special everyday moments and create one of these beautiful films just for you and your family.
She also does the most gorgeous family shoots. Best I've seen. Because it's what she loves to do the most.
You can see all her films here.


  1. Oh that's so lovely. I felt a bit emotional watching that, I can only imagine what it would be like if it was my own son! And I just posted about that very song a few days ago, it's fantastic and really brings something to that piece of film. x

  2. Love it Francesca! Xanthe is brilliant! This is TREASURE:)

  3. Really lovely film, I chuckled at the tooth! I love the music too. Just had a look at the links, her photos are amazing! x

  4. Ohhhh! Fran your place is such an inspiring place to visit! That rates as one of the most lovely soulful moments of my day, thank you! What an amazing woman. Really brilliant! xx

  5. This is so lovely. I love the photos and film together, it looks like a great course to do. x


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