Friday, August 03, 2012

Elle deco round up

(Yes i might make this a new series actually if I can get up to date. But after receiving the new one I remembered there were some things I wanted to share from the last one.)

Last month's Elle Deco was beeeeautiful! With pages of humana-humana-humana summer retreats. It's got enough infinity pools to fill the Indian ocean. Here are 3 of my favourite finds from the August 2012 edition...

Alison Carmichael letterpress gift tags
Rob Ryan exhibition at Charleston

Charleston is one of my favourite places. Do you know it? It was Vanessa Bell's country home (the Bloomsbury Group fascinate me), you can read about it here. Rob Ryan's exhibition looks wonderful, wish I could make it down there.

'Inspired by Charleston’s unique atmosphere, the exhibition is Rob Ryan’s contemporary take on the Staffordshire pieces in Charleston’s own collection, using his distinctive style of illustration and humour.'

Have a lovely weekend. x


  1. Love Elle Deco..even getting it months after UK release date doesn't dampen my love :) Need to vent about that though - what is it with that? Do they get carrier pigeons to bring each one over individually? There is the airmail edition which I do sometimes succumb to but that costs $20, if you can believe it. ANYWAY... Lovely finds :) Kx

    p.s. fascinated with Charleston too :)

  2. I like this series. I stopped buying all the interiors magazines a while ago as I was finding I got more inspiration online. So it's great that you are picking me out the best bits for free! Love that camera. x

  3. Love the Rob Ryan take on Staffordshire! Thank you- love the mag but my subscription ran out! Jx

  4. Thank you for sharing the best;) Rob Ryan's work looks totally delightful.

  5. That camera... yes please xxx

  6. rob ryan in charleston! well, i ever ... !fieuw...
    i'm just too far out of the area.
    have fond, fond memories of the house.
    wish i could go see it.

  7. What a splendid camera. I've not been to Charleston but would like to visit. A few friends and I used to swim in the Ouse near Charleston and there's a pub nearby where you can hire boats. All very Bloomsbury Group-esque.

    Emily x

  8. Ha ha, I love this idea! I bought every Elle Deco for years but gave them up about a year ago... so yay to this series! (Yes I'm a cheapskate!)

    Love the cats :)


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