Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life edited

I read about this company in Elle Deco a couple of months ago - Life Edited: showing 'how to design your life to include more money, health and happiness, with less stuff, space and energy.'
When I saw Flora's great post on tiny houses the other week, it reminded me of the fantastic video of this teeny weeny space in Barcelona, taken from the Life Edited site. Places like this fascinate me, I love little compartments and clever storage solutions. Take a look.

I think the balcony element really helps this space feeling less claustrophobic. If you can have the doors open like that most of the time, I think it's do-able! Well, without the husband and kids...and toys, newspapers, etsy packaging....

Ahhhh....just went off into a little reverie there.


  1. Amazing and totally inspiring! I am off to put toys and kids in a cupboard. It will make me feel soooo much better! x

  2. I love it! So cleverly designed - but no it wouldn't work for a family home, and you would have to be super tidy! x

  3. Truly clever- but to be honest this is very much a guy's space- no?XX

  4. Love it. It's so important to have cornflakes, rice and noodles! X

  5. So cool, such a fantastic use of space and sweet guy. Yes I am off to daydream off living peacefully too, no power rangers underfoot or raisins stomped into the carpet!

  6. Loving his pull-out bed! (And the fact that he doesn't have to make it, just chuck the duvet into that drawer/end bit!) I can't imagine I would last long here as brilliant as it is... I do like a bit of clutter (yes it's caused by me rather than kids!) x


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