Monday, August 27, 2012

Swings and roundabouts (and carousels)

Hello my lovelies.
We're finally back from our hols. I've missed you! That said I have just 'marked as read' 432 blog posts from bloglovin' and feel very out of the loop so like before, pleeease let me know if I've missed anything big over the summer. I hate to miss out! Thank you for popping in and leaving comments on my couple of posts while I was away, I hope you've had a great summer.

It feels like we were away for months, such was the break in routine.
We had a lovely week at the beach, on the Costa de la Luz, then flew up to San Sebastian. Generally city breaks with kids can be tiring and not much fun but San Sebastian is such a great town. Food, architecture, shopping, beach, carousels - it's got it all! Mucho recommendido. That's Spanish, right?

Can't say it was all plain sailing though. Gus got an awful cough leading up to the second week (still has) and was generally miserable and whiny the whole time. Only the carousel and ice-cream helped. Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do or how much money you throw at it, you just kind of wish you were at home! And then you think about home and the old routine and cling onto the seats at the departure lounge screaming "don't make me go!" It's swings and roundabouts. I really love travelling but I'm also such a homebody. When Ben talks about going to live in another country for a year, I generally curl up in the foetal position and make him go away ;-)

So I'm back...and I have some plans for the new year (I think of September like the new year, don't you? Shall we start calling it A/W 12 or is that too much? ;-)

A shop shake-up, a re-design, some new products - trays and other kitchen goodies finally coming soon and a new mug. New prints I want to get going on too, it's going to keep me busy. I also have a little exhibition coming up late September so more info on that nearer the time.


Now were are home, it's raining, and both my children are dressed as Indiana Jones, using my belts as whips and crying sporadically, I am once again, dreaming of the beach...

My August list.


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful break. Hope Gus is feeling better soon. Did the ginger not help? There are so many horrible colds and flu going around here at the moment that last for weeks and weeks. I've been hugging wood on a daily basis every time I tell someone we're all well! Of course it will hit us the week before we're due to come over for the trade fair! ;) Nice to have you back lovely :) Kx

    p.s. great list :)

    1. we couldn't find ginger in san seb unfortunately kylie. will try him on it now we're home. he is slowly slowly getting better, but still a whinge-bag! x

  2. Oh Francesca, so glad to have you back (at your blog-home). Yes, it feels like a new year is about to begin. (What grade are we in now?)
    Looking forward to all your new creations;)XX

    1. thanks annamaria, looking forward to catching up with you too. x

  3. Lovely post - your Spanish pics are bellissimo (actually, is that Italian?). I know what you mean about Autumn... I think I'm ready for a new year. Nice to have you back!

  4. Glad to hear you had a good holiday! Looking forward to seeing all your new products. x

  5. Welcome back!

    Your thoughts on holidays are like mine. I used to think I was actually holiday-phobic, but I think when the kids are under 5 it is such hard work. This year for the first time our holiday was actually FUN! They could stay up late without being revolting the next day, no need for naps, well behaved in restaurants (well, ish).

    Anyway, I'm excited about all your new plans and things. And really looking forward to reading your paperchain interviews xx

  6. What a lovely blog post Fran, wish me luck on my trip to Spain with the little ones eek!


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