Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Things for kids

Flora posted a couple of 'kids on holiday' tips the other day,  so I wanted to join in and share a couple of things.

You probably know about these books already but when Andrea mentioned them over on Little Buckles a while ago I had sudden flashbacks of loving them as a child. The Anti-colouring Books, by Susan Striker are especially good if you have children with no interest in 'colouring-in' (really, who cares?!) but with big imaginations. You can get them all on Amazon and there are some sample pages here, where you can also see what other kids did with the pages.

It reminds me of Wander Monster, the dad who puts a half-finished drawing in his son's lunch box every day, and his son finishes it off. Beautiful stuff.

By the way that post of Andrea's is really inspiring, such creative ideas - decorating vintage plates? Brilliant!

I'm also excited about Anorak TV. Just the Casio Keyboard intro music is good enough for me!

And I love the idea of Tiny Universe 'a creative playground and online store set up to promote the idea of play, creativity and imagination. We think there is nothing quite as good as being able to imagine something, then draw, create and make it.' Can't say fairer than that!

Hope your summer hols are going ok so far if you're at home with the children. Come on! We can make it through!  :-)

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  1. So many great things here I wish I'd known about when mine were smaller :) I usually have a different kind of school holiday list now where I try to work magic with competing schedules and their ever-burgeoning social lives ;) Kx

  2. Oh ace finds, thanks Fran, I'll post a link to it on my post.

    Anorak TV - i'd forgotten all about it, was so excited when I heard they were doing it then missed it completely!

  3. Great links! You've reminded me to order more books. Sam loved it :)

  4. Thanks for this Fran, lots of new things to go off and explore. I had to laugh when you mentioned the kids that don't care too much about coloring in - We have one that colours rainbows over every square inch of every page and the other will go right through a coloring book and colour only the teeth and eyeballs and call the whole book done. : D


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