Friday, September 21, 2012

New in - Quadretti

Just a quickie this morning to let you know there is a new print in the shops called Quadretti.

Quadretti, meaning little squares or checks in Italian sounded prettier than 'grids', which was its draft title! They remind me of the little squared paper notebooks we used to buy in Italy every summer before we went back to school.

 It's adapted from my Square illustration from my I am a Shape set.

You can find Quadretti in my shop or on etsy.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. xxx


  1. Oh like this a lot. Great idea.

  2. like your print, especially the colour combinations. The grids also remind me of clinical gauze - being a typical medic here :)

    1. ha! yes, spoken like a true medic!

  3. like it a lot! how are the trays going - did you decide on a size? v x

  4. thanks virginia! re trays, i need to make a few decisions this week, compare size prices etc. gus is finally starting nursery so i'll have a bit of time to think! x


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