Monday, September 03, 2012

New shop, new things, new year.

Good morning! Thanks for your lovely comments on my interview with Elisabeth, glad you got something out of it. The next Paperchain interview is all done and I'll be posting it in a couple of weeks.

My new shop is up and running. Wahoo! Took me ages to set up and I haven't quite finished uploading everything but it's all pretty much there:

It's a slightly slimmed down version of my etsy shop, not just top sellers but I've got rid of a few things. And it will be the main shop for my homewares when they arrive. I love Big Cartel's design, so simple and clean, no fuss.

I've updated a print too - I hadn't been happy with the original My Toy Shelf for a while, but it was popular so I didn't want to remove it. But it was always at the back of my mind, so I've cleaned it up a bit, changed the wallpaper and the typeface and I'm much happier. You've got to be happy with your own work haven't you? Hopefully I'll get to a boy's version too at some point.

I've also added a new A3. I am a Circle (from my I am a shape postcard set is now also an A3 print. I printed it up and it looks fab that big. (Only 38 year old women say fab. I must stop that.) And the set is now also a card set with envelopes.

I'm waiting on a new mug, and trays and I'll be bringing some of my envelop cushions in-house too. Will keep you posted. Which reminds me, I have a new tote bag in envelop, Washi.

My washi design will hopefully be appearing on some other products too at some point. 


Back to school this week. Can't believe it. Isi's very excited to see his friends. I think he's has just about enough of me and Gus for now! I've got Gus at home for another 3 weeks though until nursery starts. And he's pretty much dropped his nap. It's gonna be a bit bonkers around here for a while. 

Wishing you all a lovely week. Back on Wednesday. x


  1. Wow! I hardly know where to start! So many good things happening at yours :) LOVE the new big cartel site - yes, very clean and fresh looking and I think it showcases your style much better. Toy Shelf is lovely and I really like the circle print too (umm... I still say fab too, so thankfully you're not a 45 year old woman still saying it! haha) Cannot wait to see your trays! (I have a thing about trays and should have put it on my collection list.) Loving the tote bag too. It's great when they're eager to start back at school. Good luck with the 3 weeks of no naps. Kx

  2. All looking FAB and wonderful and totes amazeballs (as I believe the young folk, er, don't say anymore).

    I'm impressed at your productivity in these crazy holiday weeks. I have mostly been putting faces on silly things.

    1. flo i have no idea how but i have squeezed little bits of work in here and there. mainly when the telly's on and at 5.30am (or both!) x

  3. Love the Big Cartel shop, like you say so clean and simple, looks great! Love the washi bag and cushions too.
    Its hard when that daytime nap goes, I'm trying to get used to that here - though at least now he's going to bed at a reasonable hour! x

    1. yep gus is out the minute his head hits the pillow!

  4. All AWESOME! Your Big Cartel shop looks so clean, sharp and fresh!Wishing you Happy Sales and Peace of Mind (for the no-naps part) ;-)

  5. Mrs Eliot books' new look is great, scrolling down the images makes you so greedy for buying everything! I love your new I am a shape set, and looking forward to your trays! x

  6. I say fab and I’m 33 - I’m worried now...

  7. Looks great and good luck, how do you manage it, i have done nothing! apart from blog a little.

  8. looks amazing lady (that's my 'fab', i'm 41 (oh shit, i'm 41, i hadn't had to say that yet!))


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