Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red thread

Emily Barletta ~ Big Circle
Anne Lindberg - Drawn Pink (Photo by Larry Gawel)
DIY embroidery notebook by Curious Doodles

Here's a collection of all things red thread.

I absolutely love Emily Barletta's recent work, and the installation by Anne Lindberg - 'fine Egyptian cotton threads to create luminous spatial passages and forms' - is absolutely stunning. Would love to see it in person.


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Ta-ra for now! x


  1. Interesting how the two relate to each other. The installation is like a 3D version of Barletta's work. Great to see, thank you for the intro to these two artists;-)

  2. The DIY notebook, would perfect gifts, lovely, lovely find x

  3. I really love all of these Fran. I've been a big fan of Anne Lindberg for a while now - so talented! Emily Barletta's work is just sublime as well... You've put a smile on my face for the day, thank you :) Kx

  4. This looks so lovely :-) Wanna try this

  5. that installation looks great, I like the little book too x


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