Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Artist shout-out: Janeen Koconis

I think it was when I was visiting my friend Bee in New York in 1995 that I first noticed KocoNy cards. I remember just wanting to buy all of them, and I came back with handfuls and stuck them on my wall. It was such a creative trip, just writing and sketching my way from NYC to San Fransisco. (Those were the days!) Now I think about it, I think Janeen Koconis must have been very influential on me. I was in my second year of art college and I was already very into mixing cut-up words with images to make a new narrative, writing poetry and using my typewriter in my work, so she gave a lot of inspiration - believing a bit more in myself and giving me confidence that one day I might actually be able to make a business out of my own work. I'm still pinching myself!
KocoNy is now available in my local card shop and I still always pick them up and have a look.

There's so much to explore on the website. There's a a wonderful gallery of her original work here, and a really interesting interview here, worth reading if only for the last sentence!
Thank you for the inspiration Janeen!


  1. Brilliant. Thanks Fran, I love these cards and Janeen's words. And Helvetica! xx

  2. Very interesting.. I really like the 'love your life' one.

  3. Sweet! I will follow those links;-)


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