Monday, October 29, 2012

New in - trays and chopping boards

Hello all, just a quickie this morning to let you know I now have trays and chopping boards in the shop right here
After much deliberation over design and size I've gone for 3 snack tray designs, 3 supper tray designs and 2 chopping boards. They are a pretty small run so I can get an idea of what's popular. I'm really pleased with the quality though, and colours have come out perfectly.

I was so hungry while I was shooting them, trying not to eat the toast or the jaffa cakes. (But the egg is not boiled, and the tea is cold. Shhh...don't tell!)

Hope you are all well. Half term this week...wish me luck with my beautiful noisy wrestling boys :-) x


  1. They all look fab - those designs work really well on the trays and boards. I'd best start saving my pennies! (Loving the Lego spoon too!) x

  2. Gorgeous! I'd love a chopping board please! xxx

  3. So very gorgeous, you're so clever xx

  4. Love them, so bright and cheery. May be if I start dropping hints now......
    Oh and where did you get that spoon? I know two other wrestling boys who would give their right arms for one of those!

    1. a gift from grandpa but you can find them here:

  5. they are brilliant! I love the layered squares one best I think! good luck for the half term :) x

  6. No wonder these pictures made you hungry, I am hungry too after looking at them! It means your trays are complementing anything placed on top them, ha! Love all of them x

  7. Mmmmm-decisions, decisions!

  8. these are so cool! love them. and your styling :)


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