Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pop up exhibition at Smug

Hello lovelies. My work is being featured in another exhibition, I'm excited to say. This time at one of my fave shops in London - Smug, in Islington. Old School features prints, paper and products inspired by everything school.

I'll be showing my print 'Note from my Mum' which plays on that back-to-school feeling with my playful nametags. The print is exclusive to the Smug show but if I have any left afterwards I will pop them in my shop.

Hoping to pop down there, so I will try and bring you some pics.

I just heard that my current exhibition at The Haberdashery has sold out. So chuffed. You never know how these things are going to go so it's such a bonus and it's given me a lift today. See you soon. x 


  1. Oh my! Well done on selling out... that is fantastic news. Sending some luck my way. AND is that the shop we went in with the formica bangles and the cool wooden floor! I liked it there. Good luck too. Wish I lived closer xxx

    1. yes, same shop lou. so it's really lovely to be involved. x

  2. That's fantastic - superstardom here you come :)
    Congratulations on the sell-out too. Lovely news. Kx

  3. Hey that's great news that your current exhibition has sold out!! Really like the sound of the one at Smug I'm such a fan of the old school bits and bobs and it's on for a while so I might actually get there.

  4. Oh that's so funny - I nearly tweeted you to say you should apply to take part when I saw their shout out, then thought against it because you probably already knew about it. I'm pleased I was right! Congrats on both the Smug show and the Haberdashery sell-out xx

  5. Congratulations on selling all of your prints, that's fantastic! Good news on the new exhibition too x

  6. Congratulation on the sell out show, how very exciting. Good luck with the new show at SMUG.

  7. Wow Fran, that's fantastic news. Wish I were a little closer. I'd love to pop down and take a squiz. x

  8. congrats! all sounding so positive and in motion. hoping you are feeling more inspired ~ it's like surfing and juggling at the same time don't you think?

  9. Huge Congrats Francesca! Sounds like you're in the middle of a fabulous manic whirlwind! xx


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