Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miaow x 2

Ever since I put a little cat on a pocket of one of my Paperchain girls I have wanted to do a cat print. So I was doodling the other day*, trying out different cat faces in a Paperchain stylee, and I thought to myself "I don't like cats, just pictures of them." So, with a little nod to this poster which I love, a new print was born.

Then I realised a lot of people do like cats, in fact, maybe people who love cats are far more likely to buy a nice print of a cat, than people who don't like cats are to buy the other one. (Awful syntax but whatevs.) So I made another one.

My boys would love a cat. I'm thinking about it. (Slowwwwwwly.) In the shop and etsy.

*Notice how I sketch on anything lying around, i.e. the back of Isi's homework about Brazil. I'm not a neat sketchbook kind of girl!


  1. Haha! I love this. I have a cat and it's a pest. Maybe I should do 'It's a list thing' of why not to get a cat! But I like both prints very much. x

  2. I like the way cats seem to be growing on you :) I'm like that sketching on scraps and never in a neat book, however hard I try I can't constrain a sketch to a book!

  3. Ooh, it's brilliant! I have a cat and I kinda wish I didn't... That sounds mean but she's the worst kind of pet - antisocial, scaredy, sleepy. Boring!

    Loving your prints though, especially the second one.

    1. you and jen are putting me off cats even more! ben will be cross with you ;-)

  4. It's a fabulous idea! Of course I love cats and in particular our darling 'Sammy' who's real name is Siam because he's a Siamese :) ... See how dotty cat owners are? I like dogs too but there's just something about the insouciance of a cat that I prefer to the slobbering obsequiousness of a dog... just saying ;) Kx

  5. Couldn't agree more, I'm a dog person but I do like pictures of cats!

  6. ahaha, I like the new prints :) I think I would like a cat until it brings something small and furry or feathered in from the garden! x

  7. Haha, I love the stories behind the illustration making, and your cat is cool! And also Francesca if you are at all interested at joining in the fun of a Liebster award I just passed it on to you! Have a super week! /maria x


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