Monday, January 07, 2013

New in - colour galore!

Hello again. I'm popping in to let you know of some new work in the shops. I can't get away from circles at the mo nor my love of pink and yellow. I've also re-worked some of my original layered squares. I like the sharp graphic edges, and the colours when they are printed are just as vibrant as they are on screen so I'm really happy with them. Then there are my washi prints in technicolour and monochrome.
There are also new Valentine cards but I'll save them for next time, I know you're not quite ready for that yet!

circle series #1
circle series #2
circle series #4

layered squares series #7

layered squares series #6

washi technicolour

washi monochrome


  1. Ooh they're all gorgeous! Love the bright pink and yellow and the monochrome washi is lovely too. x

  2. Oh I love them all! But if pushed would choose circles series 1 as I love that pink and yellow combination. x

  3. All everso lovely. I particularly like the Elsworth Kelliness of the series 2 circles, so pleasing to the eye.

  4. Goegous, gorgeous, gorgeous. All straight to the top of my wishlist x

  5. So pretty, especially the top one!


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