Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Illustrators we love - Margaret Bloy Graham

I'm still here! 
"Phew" you said.

I've got my head down working hard on my surface design portfolio which I hope I will have up and running by the end of the week. (Why do I give myself completely unnecessary deadlines?) I've recently licensed a couple of my prints to be published onto stationery so I thought I should probably have a separate site just for that, it's a string I'd like to add to my bow.

I'm constantly in awe of of the illustrators of the books I read with Gussy. At the moment he has a fondness for the classic Harry books and it took me a while to notice that Margaret Bloy Graham only uses two colours in these books - green and yellow. I find this really facinating. Firstly I think it's really clever as I'm always trying to reign in my colour use, especially working with pattern and surface design, it's important to have a colour palette and stick to it! But why green and yellow I wonder?

I'd love to bring you a few more of the illustrators we love at our house, there are so many amazing newbies that really make the books sing. I'd love to know your favourites too.

Right, head down. The taskmaster is back. x


  1. Yes, definitely do a series of favourite children's book illustrators - nice idea.

    Exciting about licensing your designs - looking forward to seeing what they're used for.

  2. Hiya Francesca! What a lovely post to drop in on. : )

    I am such a Harry fan! Isn't it amazing to think that you can read Harry again and again and not even really notice that it's only two colours. They are so deftly used that they are more than enough to capture a whole world. I also love the personality in the linework.

    All the best with finishing your folio. I know what a big job it is, I have just finished my own. I say 'finished' but they never are really finished are they - just updated. : )


    1. exactly alisa - i am going to getting it up and running and then keep adding to it. x


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